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AOS workshops provide knowledge and skills that are practical, relevant and instantly useful. Each seminar allows time for solving problems that participants bring from work or home.


“You have such a talent for summarizing information and presenting it in a manageable way.”
— Kate Varness, CPO-CD, COC, MA
Education Director, Institute for Challenging Disorganization


“Your presentations were very well received. Thank you for educating and inspiring our conference delegates.”
— Julie Zullo, Conference Committee
Australasian Association of Professional Organizers

Kit teaching European professional organizers in The Netherlands

Kit teaching European professional organizers in The Netherlands.

Kit teaching Japanese professional organizers in Japan

Kit teaching professional organizers in Japan.


“… Your Depression and the Elderly class … is one of the best teleclasses ever presented, both for content and delivery. Period.”
— Lynne Johnson, CPO-CD
Past President, Institute for Challenging Disorganization


“The evaluations for your class were stunning.”
— Paula Fisher, Associate Dean,
Central New Mexico Community College

Examples of seminars created by AOS

  • Helping Hoarders

    Do you have a friend or relative who is a pack rat? Hoarding Disorder is now recognized as a distinct condition. This workshop explains what science has learned about this behavior, ways to help hoarders, and why some things we think should work, don’t.

  • Conquering Clutter

    Do you hesitate to invite guests into your home or office? Is clutter getting in the way of the things you want to do? Are there piles of belongings all over? Learn from a professional organizer (1) how to banish the clutter and keep it from coming back, and (2) how to organize what you have. Your home or office can be both functional and beautiful.

  • File Anything in Your Home . . . And Find It Again!

    Find any paper again quickly and easily: warranties, receipts for tax purposes, medical records, income and banking and investment records, magazine articles, and all the other papers we keep. Easy to use and adaptable to individual needs, this workshop has solutions to piles of paper, lost records and time wasted in searching.

  • Managing Your Time: Getting Around the Obstacles

    A recent poll indicated that 85% of Americans wanted to be better organized. Learn from a professional how to get around the obstacles, use your time more effectively to reach your goals, and have more time for fun.

  • Overcoming Procrastination

    Procrastination interferes with our productivity and causes stress. Whether you procrastinate occasionally or find that it is frequently keeping you from reaching your goals, this workshop will help. Learn from a professional organizer why we procrastinate and how to overcome procrastination. As a result, you’ll make better use of your most precious resource, your time.

  • Coping with Distractions

    Distractions are abundant both at work and at home. They can seriously interfere with our ability to function, be productive, make and keep commitments to others, and enjoy our time. Learn from a professional organizer how to cope with distractions and how to stay focused when you need to.

  • Get Organized at Work and
    Organizing Skills for Managers

    Better organizing skills benefit both you and your employer by increasing productivity while reducing stress. Learn from a professional organizer how to conquer information overload, delegate skillfully, manage stress, make wise decisions and organize your office for maximum efficiency.

  • It’s Your Money! Get More Out of It

    Understand why this is so difficult for so many people, and why it doesn’t have to be. Learn the most common spending traps and how to get around them. Discover the three easy steps to regaining control over your spending. Get the most happiness out of the money you have.

  • (How to) Have a Happy Holiday

    Learn how to overcome the obstacles and create a stress-free, truly meaningful holiday, one that you can afford.

  • Let’s Get Organized: the Top Ten Tips from a Pro

    A short 1-hour presentation with ten organizing tips to get you started on your journey to organizing success, or a set of reminders of workable solutions to problems.

  • Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

    Instead of recycling last year’s resolutions because they weren’t kept, learn a better way of deciding how to get the most out of your life.

Schedule of Classes from AOS

10/26/18  Understanding Executive Function  Professional Organizers in Canada
3/14/19 Helping Hoarders Palo Duro Senior Center
3/16/19 Helping Hoarders UNM Continuing Education
3/23/19 Managing Your Time: Getting Around the Obstacles UNM Continuing Education
4/27/19  Conquering Clutter  UNM Continuing Education

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