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Frequently Asked Questions

Kit Anderson, owner of Anderson Organizing Systems, answers some of the questions she most often gets asked in her work as a Professional Organizer.


1. What exactly does a Professional Organizer organize?

You name it: Time, space, stuff. Offices and homes. Photos, papers, personal finances. Projects and programs. Clutter and closets. Mail, toys, books. Even dead bugs (an entomological collection) and a beer can collection (yep, really).


2. What does CPO-CD mean?

It means that I am certified as a professional organizer for chronically disorganized clients. I studied for more than three years with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (formerly the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization), a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit professional association, to earn this certification, learning both to understand people who are challenged by serious disorganization, and specialized techniques for helping these clients.


3. What sort of results can I expect when I hire a certified organizer?

Working with a Professional Organizer will help you become more efficient: you’ll get more done. You’ll also become more effective: you’ll be sure to get the important things done. And most important, a Professional Organizer will reduce the stress in your life by putting you back in control of your time, your space, and your possessions.


4. How could AOS help me?

Let’s say that you’re an overworked executive who just can’t seem to keep up with the influx of mail and memos. Your desk has been stacked so high with papers for so long that you can’t remember what the surface looks like.


I’ll come to your office and customize a paper-management system for you that will not only provide easily remembered “homes” for the papers on your desk, but also enable you to efficiently process incoming mail and memos so that they no longer pile up on your work surface.


Alternately, perhaps your family includes 2.5 kids, a Golden Retriever, and your mother-in-law living downstairs. You juggle ferrying the kids to ballet lessons and soccer practice, getting the dog his shots, volunteering at the local art museum, taking Mom-in-law to physical therapy, reading books to the children at the hospital, and generally managing your home and the schedule of everyone in it. You’re tired of being frantic all the time.


I’ll help you identify priorities and suggest alternate, more efficient ways to accomplish the most important tasks. I’ll also help you simplify your life and let you regain control.


5. Shouldn’t I be able to do this organizing thing myself?

We all occasionally find ourselves temporarily overwhelmed by circumstances beyond our control. People become ill; promotions happen; someone close to you passes away; you have a baby – and it’s twins; layoffs happen; your nest is empty, but the kids’ stuff still fills the basement.

Some people find organizing difficult to do and some never had the opportunity to learn these skills. We all have different abilities; I can’t arc weld or litigate or treat appendicitis or play the tuba. (I even hired someone else to do this website for me.)


6. Isn’t office organization something that my administrative assistant should look after?

The average administrative assistant already has a full-time job. If your assistant organized your office, it would likely be at the expense of his/her routine work, and the organizing solutions would naturally be tailored to your assistant exclusively. I can set up organizing systems with only a minimal disruption in your office work, and the systems that I put in place will work not only for your current office staff, but for anyone, including future hires.


7. Do you have a standard system of organizing that I have to use?

No! Different people need different solutions. I have a wide variety of systems to appeal to a wide variety of people. My solutions are always customized to each client and his needs. I’m flexible, and you – the client – are in control at all times.


8. Will I have to buy expensive products?

It’s very unlikely. I often find that my clients can use the products and supplies that they already have. If purchases are necessary, I’ll make suggestions that work within your budget, whatever that may be.


9. How do I know – before I commit to spending money – that we’ll work well together?

Just give me a call at 505-554-6405 and ask me about your particular situation. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns at no cost to you, and you’ll get a better sense of my personality and what it’s like to work with me. In the unlikely event that I can’t help you, I’ll assist in finding someone who can.

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