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About Kit’s New Publication

A Tale of Two Systems: The Limbic System and Executive Function explains these two important brain systems and how they affect our ability to organize.

The Limbic System is crucial to our safety and Executive Function allows us to thrive in a complex world. For most of us most of the time, the balance between the two is highly efficient. This publication explains what happens when the two systems get out of balance. This occurs in some disorders, and in all of us at some times and under some circumstances.

Written for professional organizers who wish to better understand their clients, anyone who wants to explore these parts of our brains will find it useful and easy to understand.

““…a must read for any professional organizer. Kit includes a great deal of resources and reference materials specifically for Professional Organizers. I learned so much. And you will too.”
— Regina F. Lark, Ph. D., CPO-CD, CPO
A Clear Path: Professional Organizing and Productivity,
author of Psychic Debris, Crowded Closets: The Relationship
between the Stuff in your Head and What’s Under the Bed (3rd ed.)
““…so clear, so easy to understand, and so interesting. Thank you for teaching me so much.”
— Diana Soll, CPO
Grand Solutions LLC

Price: $15.00 includes tax, S&H


About Kit’s Book

The Faster I Work the Behinder I Get: Organizing Wisdom for Survival in a Frenzied World is easy to read and chock full of ideas such as:

  • Don’t Make New Year’s ResolutionsThe Faster I Work the Behinder I Get!
  • The Top Nine Organizing Myths
  • Give Me a Break!
  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Going-Out-of-Town Checklist
  • Declutter to Benefit Charity
  • The Mail Tsunami
  • Too Many Choices
  • Happy Holidays (How to Have Them)
  • … and more


“Kit’s skill and empathy for the organizationally challenged shine through in this crisp and witty compendium of best practices for managing your time, data, and stuff. Breezy and inspiring, practical and proven – you’ll be amazed at how much better life can be after a year of Kit’s sage advice.”
— Debbie Stanley, LLPC, NCC, CPO-CD


“Whether organizing yourself, your client, your Brownie troop or your multi-national corporation, Kit offers a very practical and useful collection of strategies that you will find invaluable. Such innovative tips, tools and strategies are illustrated in such a way that captures your attention and curiosity from beginning to end.”
— Roland Rotz, Ph. D.,
Coauthor, Fidget to Focus, Outwit Your Boredom, Strategies for living with ADD.


“… loaded with wise and practical advice for how to become more in-charge of our time and “stuff.” [Kit] understands how organization can be difficult for creative types, and helps us apply our strengths in individualized ways. She has helped me organize my home, business, calendar and travel with encouragement and humor.”
— Martha McIver, Artist.


“Kit’s wisdom from years of success with clients and experience educating others about organization shines through.”
— Judith Kolberg, Author, Conquering Chronic Disorganization.

Price: $17.95. Tax $1.09. S&H $2.45. Total $21.49
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