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About Anderson Organizing Systems (AOS)

AOS, founded in 1992 and owned by Kit Anderson, CPO-CD, allows individuals, nonprofits, companies and government offices to solve problems, meet goals and realize missions by becoming better organized.

“I highly recommend Kit and Anderson Organizing Systems … in the area of personal time management as well as in the area of organizational effectiveness. What I have learned … is so freeing!”
— Pastor John Heffelfinger
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Albuquerque
“Being accountable to you has moved mountains!”
— Cheryl Digman


What AOS Offers

  • Coaching

    AOS coaching empowers you to overcome personal and work challenges, set and achieve goals, and increase productivity. Kit works with you to identify, prioritize, and sequence easy-to-do steps toward your objective. She is experienced in coaching people who are easily distracted or have an ADHD diagnosis, have mood disorders or anxiety disorders, or have experienced a traumatic brain injury.
    Kit’s coaching clients experience success that leads to confidence and greater satisfaction in both work and life.

  • Consulting and Hands-On Organizing

    AOS can assess the situation in your office or home, identify the problems and propose solutions. Working together we can create spaces that are functional and beautiful.

  • Long-Distance Organizing

    AOS can work with you on the phone or Skype, and be virtually right by your side as you organize.  A new way of working, designed for clients who are too far for on-site organizing, it is effective, and for a short time is offered at a 10% discount.

  • Information Organizing

    AOS can turn a volume of information, however overwhelming or scattered, into an organized system that allows you to find what you need – for the book you’re writing, the research you’re doing, the memoir you’re creating, or the home you’re managing.

  • Seminars, Workshops, PresentationsKit_at_podium

    AOS seminars provide knowledge and skills that are practical, relevant, and instantly useful. Each seminar allows time for solving real-life problems brought from work or home. Seminars can be customized.



Who Hires AOS

Government offices, companies, nonprofits, business owners, artists, people experiencing a household move, home managers, people whose circumstances cause temporary disorganization, executives, people for whom organizing is continually difficult, retirees, a stroke survivor, people changing careers, attorneys, members of the clergy, people who live with ADD, engineers, and a chinchilla rancher. (Just kidding about the chinchilla rancher; all the rest are actual clients.)


AOS Workshop Client List

A few of the many groups for whom AOS has given workshops:

  • American Marketing Association
  • Executive Forum
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • New Mexico Commission on the Status of Women
  • Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice
  • Sud-Chemie Performance Packaging
  • Meyners + Company


AOS Projects & Results

A few examples of the results AOS has achieved for clients:

  • Organized living space and then coached a client living with ADHD. Result: “Kit, you have brought peace to my life.”
  • Created a memoir from a collection of stories told to me by an elder. Result: the children had a coherent narrative of their mother’s wonderfully rich, eventful life.
  • Consulted for a medical office manager with a pathologically cluttered desk and similarly disorganized work life. Result: a report detailing solutions, including how to rearrange the office, how to declutter the office, how to implement a paper-flow system for claims, how to schedule the archiving of records, and how to improve delegation skills.
  • Coached a counselor with unsatisfactory performance evaluations. Result: her performance evaluations went from “unsatisfactory” to “excellent” and she was able to transfer to a better-paying position.
  • Organized time and materials for home-schooling parents. Result: better ability to plan lessons, find materials, and keep academic records.
  • Coached a client with a brain injury. Result: she successfully returned to full employment.
  • Designed and implemented a filing system for a complex, interconnected group of corporations. Result: personnel had access to previously lost vital documents and the corporations were able to discard almost 50% of accumulated papers.
  • Coached graduate students. Results: more timely assignment submission, better grades, better life/school/work balance, reduced stress
  • Created filing systems for information needed in legal proceedings. Result: the information was available to support the client’s claims.


“Without Kit, I’d still be searching for an hour rather than just a few minutes to lay my hands on a file…It’s not everyone who can make organization and time management fun rather than a chore.”
— Steve Brandon, Assistant Professor
Department of English, University of New Mexico

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